Code of Conduct

Westmount Energy supports the growing awareness of social, environmental and ethical matters when considering business practices. These statements provide an outline of the policies in place that guide the Company and its employees when dealing with social, environmental and ethical matters in the workplace.

Code of Conduct
Westmount Energy maintains and requires the highest ethical standards in carrying out its business activities in regard to dealing with gifts, hospitality, corruption, fraud, the use of inside information and whistle-blowing.

Westmount Energy maintains a zero tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Westmount Energy promotes and supports the rights and opportunities of all people to seek, obtain and hold employment without discrimination.

It is our policy to make every effort to provide a working environment free from bullying, harassment, intimidation and discrimination on the basis of disability, nationality, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Joint Venture Partners, Contractors and Suppliers
Westmount Energy is committed to being honest and fair in all its dealings with partners, contractors and suppliers.

Procedures are in place to ensure that any form of bribery or improper behaviour is prevented from being conducted on Westmount Energy’s behalf by joint venture partners, contractors and suppliers. Westmount Energy also closely guards information entrusted to it by joint venture partners, contractors and suppliers, and seeks to ensure that it is never used improperly.

Operating Responsibility and Continuous Improvement
Westmount Energy adopts an environmental policy which sets standards that meet or exceed industry guidelines and host government regulations. This is reviewed on a regular basis. Wherever we operate we will develop, implement and maintain management systems for sustainable development that will strive for continual improvement.

Westmount Energy is committed to maintaining and regularly reviewing its Health and Safety and Environmental Policies.

Periodic feedback from stakeholders, allows the Board to monitor the culture of the Company, as well as its ethical values and behaviours.